Update 1.5 - Leaving early access first on Itch.io

Hi guys,
Today i'm excited to announce:  The Dead Army Radio Frequency is leaving the Early access, first on Itch.io.
And now you can buy and play directly from Itch.io.

And with this launch we have some updates to talk about:

Passive Mode

Yes, sounds simple, but now you have a better control of your units. You can enable and disable the passive mode. With passive mode enable, your unit will attack only if you tell.

Unit formation improved

Now you have a better control of your units using group of formation. You can create square groups or line groups. And like others RTS, you can save your formation using CTRL + (1,2,3,4,..).

Unit balancing

During early access the bosses was a little bit easy, but now, you need to think a little bit more to beat then.
Talking about HP of bosses, every unit has been balanced to improve the gameplay experience.

Performance improvement

Now you can play dead army with better performance. We improved the loading times, lights, occlusion, framerate and more.

Bugs and crashes fixes

Bugs related with lights fixed
Bugs during loading fixed
Crashes during gameplay fixed
Damage hit from Projectiles fixed

That's it, we hope you enjoy it.


Dead_Army_Radio_Frequency_1.5_windows.zip 159 MB
Mar 28, 2019
Dead_Army_Radio_Frequency_1.5_mac.zip 163 MB
Mar 28, 2019
Dead_Army_Radio_Frequency_1.5_linux.zip 163 MB
Mar 28, 2019

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